Power Plants

Ceria is also developing a modern and fully integrated industrial area for the development of nickel, cobalt, stainless steel and other related plants. This industrial area with the size of 400 hectares will have land and sea access, warehouses as well as distribution center.

Ceria estimates the total demand for electricity supply is up to 700 MW, whereby 350 MW is the demand for electricity supply for smelter RKEF and HPAL. Ceria also plans the other 350 MW for the development program of downstream processing industry in the future.

For RKEF and HPAL smelters electricity supply, Ceria has worked together with PT PLN (Persero) through Electric Power Purchase Agreement (SPJBTL) with the total electricity supply of 350 MW.

PLN will guarantee the electricity supply for Ceria with its premium platinum status, which has the highest priority in electricity supply. Electricity will be flown from the electricity network of South Sulawesi, South East Sulawesi and West Sulawesi which, presently, have electricity surplus as much as 500 MW with one of the main electricity supply from Poso hydroelectric power plant with the capacity of 515 MW. Moreover, PLN will provide a backup power source by providing a Barge Mounted Power Plant (BMPP) 2×60 MW and a land based Gas Power Plant for the long term plans.

This industrial area will be equipped with modern and comfortable living area with sufficient living and recreational facilities. It offers important benefits for nickel and cobalt smelting company by providing a premium and a guaranteed access for Ceria’s nickel ore. Nickel ore can also be purchased from other mining companies in the area.