Power Plants

Ceria is also developing a modern and fully integrated industrial park to provide space for the development of nickel, cobalt, stainless steel and other nickel-related factories. The 400-hectare industrial park has both land and sea access, warehouses and distribution center.

To supply sufficient and reliable electrical power, Ceria will require a total of 700-MegaWatt electrical power supply. Ceria will build its own 350-MegaWatt coal-fired power plant and will purchase a 350-MegaWatt power from an environmentally clean gas-fired power plant owned and operated by the state electricity company – PLN.  

The park is also equipped with modern and convenient residential area with adequate living and recreational facilities. This industrial park will offer paramount benefit to nickel smelting and cobalt processing companies by providing guaranteed and premium access to Ceria’s nickel ore. Nickel ore can also be purchased from other nickel mining companies in the area.