Mining and Transshipment

Ceria has initiated commercial mining operation in 2017 for direct shipping ore (DSO) export market orientation. There are 2 (two) mining sites currently being exploited Babarina and Wolo. Total daily mining rate ranges from 10,000 to 14,000 tonnes of nickel ore, with ramping up target to as high as 20,000 tonnes per day. Ceria has set out the eventual mining production rate at a 5,000,000 tonnes of ore per year.

Mining at the Ceria’s Lapaopao block is conducted by an open-pit mining method. Mining process begin with grade control activities to identify ore and waste. The onsite laboratory facility provides sample preparation and testing for grade control to comply with government regulation on ore exportation grade limit.

Mining is then followed by excavation of the earth to separate waste from ore using excavators. Ore is loaded onto dump trucks and hauled to ore stockpiles or domes near the jetty for shipments.

Topsoil and waste are disposed onto the topsoil stockpile and at the waste disposal areas respectively. Mined out areas are reclaimed and replanted with trees.

The nickel ore are barged, then loaded onto mother vessels. Ceria operates its own port facilities namely Babarina and Wolo which are capable of handling 3 – 4 vessels simultaneously. Currently, all ore are shipped to buyers in China.