Nickel-Cobalt Processing

Cobalt is an important element for many important utilizations for the society todau. The importance of Cobalt is for refillable batteries, electronics, catalysts, alloys and health equipment has made this metal the prime supporting element for technology. The demand for Cobalt is increasing significantly with the developing electric cars market currently.

A feasibility study for Nickel Hydrometallurgy Project was completed on July 2018 with engineering design by ENFI China. Processing plant will process 4.2 million tons of nickel ore to produce 3,6 million tons’ autoclave bait. The annual output for nickel/cobalt hydroxide is 103,000 tons, containing 40,000 tons of nickel metal and 4,100 tons of cobalt metal.

High pressure acid leaching (HPAL) process will be adopted in this processing process. Concentrated sulfuric acid is added into the autoclave under the work condition of 250˚C – 260˚C and 4900 – 5270 kPa (a) to make precious metal such as Ni (nickel), Co (Cobalt), etc., in raw material which will be dissolved in the form of sulfate. The main product from this project is cobalt /nickel hydroxide mixture.