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IT Manager

Job Descriptions:
  • Lead and develop the IT Team in building IT networks to support the operational dynamics of the company.
  • Manage and control information technology, computer and telecommunications systems and evaluate the operational implementation of IT data and electronic data.
  • Coordinate repairs if something is broken, ensure all hardware and computers function optimally, evaluate and improve the performance of IT systems, maintain software, hardware and computers in the company.
  • Comply with Company provisions through Company Regulations, Standard procedures and other Supporting Regulations
  • Comply with and implement with regard to Security, Health and the environment (HSE) applicable in the Company.
  • Managing information technology systems, computers and telecommunications
  • Plan, implement, control and evaluate the operations of IT, electronic data and telecommunications.
  • Designing, developing, implementing and coordinating systems, policies and procedures for IT and Telecommunications.
  • Ensure data security, network access and backup systems.
  • Acting in line with user needs and the benefits of the system to support company policy.
  • Maintain asset structure, information security and information control.
  • Manage the annual budget and ensure the effectiveness of the IT budget
  • Plan an implementation strategy on company policy
  • Ensure that all IT systems can run smoothly
  • Monitor the implementation of strategies and policies in accordance with company policy
  • Providing services and development within the scope of IT and communication
  • Perform managerial and supervisory and controlling functions in the development of systems and applications
  • Perform analysis, planning and design of IT applications and systems
  • Responsible for the development and improvement of IT systems
General Requirements:
  • Male / female, minimum age of 40 years
  • More than 10 years of experience in the IT field, preferably in mining companies
  • Graduates of S1 Informatics Engineering / Information Systems
  • Skills needed: Mastering computers both hardware and software and the InternetMastering several programming languages ​​such as:, Delphi, Java, PHP, Linux, etc; Understanding IT Infrastructure, SAP System, Microtic Configuration and othersHave good logic and analysis;  Strong knowledge of IT & ERP systems
  • Thorough, deft, able to work under pressure, have the ability to analyze.
  • Leadership Skill, Self-Starter, Dynamic Team Player
  • English Proficiency in reading, writing and conversation
  • Willing to be placed in Jakarta & Makassar
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