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Environment Supervisor

Job Descriptions:
  • Supervise and ensure the implementation of the management and monitoring of the mining environment in accordance with applicable rules and programs established by the company

  • Coordinate, supervise and provide direction and instructions to the working partners (Contractors) who have the responsibility for managing the mining area environment.

  • Comply with Company provisions through Company Regulations, Standard procedures and other Supporting Regulations.
  • Comply and implement with regard to Safety, Health and the environment (HSE) applicable in the Company.
  • Carry out the K3LH system and monitor the progress of the implementation and evaluation of the Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Management System (K3LH) which is based on ISO 14001: 2004 and the applicable rules.
  • Make reports relating to the implementation of environmental management and monitoring / in accordance with company regulations and regulations / legislation that apply regularly.
  • Conduct advisors to subordinates as well as make Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Job Safety Health Environment Analysis (JSHEA), Work Instruction (IK) in the field of environment / environmnet and communicate to employees related to their respective jobs.
  • Provide environmental field training material for employees in accordance with the planned schedule.
  • Carry out the K3LH committee meeting program every month to go as planned.
  • Run and provide instructions / guild on environmental inspection programs and make reports.
  • Monitor, evaluate and analyze and conduct performance appraisal of the crew environment in the HSE section with the applicable standard parameters based on achievement / achievement of targets & implementation of K3LH.
  • Monitor and control progress and achievement of reclamation and revegetation activities as planned.
  • Control the management of B3 Waste produced by companies and contractors in accordance with regulations / regulations that apply in the government.
  • Carry out environmental management and monitoring in accordance with Amdal, RKL and RPL documents.
  • Monitor and control the management of wastewater produced from mining and domestic activities so that environmental quality standards are managed and fulfilled.
  • Prepare quarterly reports on Environmental Management and Monitoring, B3 Quarterly Waste Reports, Semester Reports, Annual Reclamation Report and RKAB Material Preparation
General Requirements:
  • Male, minimum age 27 years
  • Experience in the environmental sector for more than 5 years, prioritized in nickel mining companies
  • S1 Environmental or Forestry Education
  • Skills needed: Rehabilitation, Mine reclamation, Revegetation
  • Understand in managing the implementation of PROPER
  • Having the knowledge of B3 waste
  • Having knowledge of RPL & RKL preparation
  • Thorough, deft, able to work under pressure
  • Willing to be placed on the Kolaka site, Southeast Sulawesi
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