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Corporate Secretary

Job Descriptions:
  • Providing secretarial services, writing, making presentations, compiling documents, arranging meetings and administration.

  • Ensuring that services are provided effectively and efficiently including the overall regulation of secretarial needs

  • Provide a report to the President Director and is responsible for providing other services professionally in their field.

  • Comply with Company provisions through Company Regulations, Standard procedures and other Supporting Regulations.
  • Comply and implement with regard to Safety, Health and the environment (HSE) applicable in the Company.
  • Carry out the duties of secretarial corporate and executive activities that are very confidential and sensitive.
  • Perform administrative tasks including typing and / or processing words of all correspondence, reports, presentations and memorandums originating from the President Director in any activity.
  • Receive and filter incoming and guest telephone calls, and determine which things are prioritized then notify the President Director.
  • Make referrals to staff or provide requested information.
  • Following each meeting attended by the President Director and preparing the agenda and gathering materials for meetings, speeches and conferences; make a summary and keep a record of the meeting process in the form of Minutes of Meeting (MOM).
  • Make travel plans, prepare travel schedules, compile and store travel notes and vouchers, document all company records correctly and measurably.
  • Acting as a liaison between administrators or executives with subordinates or other people, by providing direction, instructions, assignments and following up on the assignment status.
  • Review, check spelling, and edit documents prepared for administrators or executive signatures.
  • Make and transcribe dictation about technical and confidential matters from administrators or executives.
  • Establish and store various filing data and management records systems.
  • Perform other tasks / special tasks according to needs, both directly from the Top Management and other Directors.
General Requirements:
  • Woman, at least 30 years old
  • Experience in the secretary for more than 3 years Minimum D3 / S1 Secretary, Public Relations, English Literature, Mandarin Language, Hospitality, Tourism with a minimum GPA of 3.00.
  • Has the skills of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, & Power Point
  • Proficient in English and can speak Mandarin has added value
  • Good looking, communicative, honest, disciplined, full of responsibility
  • Thorough, agile, and mastered correspondence
  • Willing to be placed in South Jakarta
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