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Chief Accounting & Finance

Job Descriptions:
  • Develop a Team in developing Financial and Accounting Strategies, Human and Commercial Resources to optimize financial performance
  • Plan, develop, and control the Accounting and Financial Functions, Human and General and Commercial Resources in the company and provide information in a comprehensive and timely manner to help companies in the decision-making process to achieve the target division they lead according to the company’s goals.
  • Comply with Company provisions through Company Regulations, Standard procedures and other Supporting Regulations
  • Comply with and implement with regard to Security, Health and the environment (HSE) applicable in the Company.
  • Managing the functions of Accounting and Finance, Human and Commercial Resources and processing financial data and information to produce financial reports, human resources and marketing needed by the company accurately and on time.
  • Plan, coordinate and control the cash flow of the company (cash flow), especially management of accounts receivable and debt, thus ensuring the availability of funds for the company’s operations and the health of financial conditions.
  • Plan and coordinate the preparation of the company’s budget, and control the use of the budget to ensure the use of funds effectively and efficiently in supporting the company’s operational activities.
  • Plan and coordinate the development of financial and accounting systems and procedures, and control their implementation to ensure that all financial processes and transactions run in an orderly and orderly manner, and reduce financial risks.
  • Coordinate and conduct financial planning and analysis to be able to provide financial input for company leaders in making business decisions, both for investment, expansion, operational and other financial conditions.
  • Coordinate and control the planning, reporting and payment of corporate tax obligations to be efficient, accurate, timely, and in accordance with applicable government regulations.
General Requirements:
  • Male / female, minimum age of 40 years Experience in the same field for more than 10 years

  • Education S1 Accounting / Finance

  • Has the power to analyze financial data and strong mathematical calculations

  • Have good interpersonal, honest, thorough, can work together with the team, and can work under pressure

  • Have good communication skills, strong leadership, problem solving, right decision making

  • Having experience handling the IPO of a company

  • Mastering and being able to develop financial and tax strategies

  • Experience managing corporate accounting activities including billing, Account Receivables, Account Payables, General Ledger, Cost Accounting, Inventory Accounting, and Revenue Recording

  • Willing to be placed in Jakarta & Makassar

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