Jobs in Ceria

Budgeting, Forecasting & Cost Control

Job Descriptions:
  • Administering budgetting on the funding proposal from the user.
  • Ensure that all payment plans submitted in Forecasting have a budget and have met the formal requirements and material requirements to be paid.
  • Conducting Cost Control for all company expenses
  • Comply with Company provisions through Company Regulations, Standard procedures and other Supporting Regulations
  • Comply with and implement with regard to Security, Health and the environment (HSE) applicable in the Company.
  • Perform data budget plan input that has been approved by management into the prepared application.
  • Perform input and update Chart Off Account (COA) data into the prepared apparatus.
  • Make a report on the realization of the budget plan periodically weekly and monthly.
  • Coordinate with direct supervisors and users regarding financing requests that have no budget or exceed the budgeted budget.
  • Report immediately immediately if there is a problem with the budget application used.
  • Make a recapitulation of the realization of financing that has no budget or exceeds its budget in the approved budget.
  • Arrange a payment / forecasting plan periodically before payment is made.
  • Control and verify the preparation of periodic budget realization reports monthly.
  • Check and re-check all payment requests before the request for payment is executed and ensure that the recipient of the funds is the right person.
  • Control and report cash positions and daily banks.
  • Control and check Head Office Makassar cash accountability reports, Kolaka Representative Office and Jakarta site and Representative Office.
General Requirements:
  • Male / female, minimum age of 35 years
  • Experience in the same field for more than 7 years
  • Education S1 Accounting / Finance
  • Having strong financial and mathematical data analysis skills
  • Understanding budgeting, forecasting, and cost control
  • Have good interpersonal, honest, thorough, can work together with the team, and can work under pressure
  • Willing to be placed in Jakarta & Makassar.
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