About Us

PT Ceria Nugraha Indotama (Ceria) is a mining company, established on March 18th, 1992 based on the Notary Certificate No. 29 issued by Mestariany Habie, SH in Ujung Pandang, Indonesia.

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Press Release

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Our Milestones

Ceria aims to produce quality nickel and cobalt products and becoming a world class nickel and cobalt company near future.

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What We Do

Nickel Ore Mining

Ceria operates a large laterite nickel mine on a 6785 hectare mining lease known as Lapaopao Block in Wolo sub-district of Kolaka in the Southeast Sulawesi province, Indonesia.

Ferronickel Smelting

Ferronickel Smelting

Ceria currently develops a smelter project designed by ENFI of China.

Nickel-Cobalt Processing

The world’s demand for cobalt is expected to grow steadily following the aggressive development of electric vehicles which uses cobalt as their rechargeable batteries.

Power Plants

Ceria will build its own 350-megawatt coal-fired power plant and will purchase a 350-megawatt power from an environmentally clean gas-fired power plant owned and operated by the state electricity company – PLN.  

Our Directors

Derian Sakmiwata

Derian Sakmiwata is running family business and was appointed as President Director of PT Ceria Nugraha Indotama in 2014.

Derian Sakmiwata
President Director
Cherisha Sakmiwata

Cherisa Sakmiwata is appointed as Director of Finance and Support at PT Ceria Nugraha Indotama since 2014. She is also running the company alongside with Derian Sakmiwata from Makassar office.

Cherisha Sakmiwata
Director of Finance & Support

Employee Stories

Agung Winata
Senior Supervisor Production Quality Control

I have been working at Ceria for over a year. My job is to ensure that the production ore of drilling activities meets the requirements of future export and smelting plans. Since I joined Ceria, I have seen the company make great progress in terms of facilities expansion and production. I really hope that we will get better in the future.